Below are some statements by composers and excerpts from reviews in newspapers and journals.

"The Danish Saxophone Quartet is a wonderful ensemble to work with. Rarely have I met mucisians so enthusiastically and youthfully enjoying rythm and sound. One can quite literally call this quartet 'a breath of fresh air'"

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen.

"That the Danish Saxophone Quartet has enthused me is clearly demonstrated by the fact that of my three saxophone quartets, two of them (from '93 and '95) were composed especially for the Danes. There is no simple reason for this, but key words like empathy, perfectionism, technique (and humour!) help explain. The important thing is, the combined experience of the four's musicality quite eimply fills one with enthusiasm."

Per Nørgård.

"Victory for new music" ... "tonal beauty, imagination, richness of colour and lively fullness of expression - no-one is allowed to get bored here!" ... "thoroughly musical perfection.., it's just pure enjoyment, they play so beautifylly."


"Safe sax" ... "Thoroughly prepared ensemble perfomance."

Berlingske Tidende.

"Full-blown and accomplished!"


"... a flawless perfomance by this highly talented quartet!"

The Scotsman.

"... collectively and individually, this foursome is an extremely competent group of musicians" ... "This ensemble is very precise!"

Saxophone Journal.

"This is an outstanding quartet that submerge themselves into the composition, allowing the primary lines to predominate. The dynamic tange encompasses the full potential of the saxophone quartet. The listener forgets almost immediately that they are listening to four saxophones, and simply revels in the music being created. Certainly this is a hallmark of artistry" ... "the Danish Saxophone Quartet is an outstanding group" ... "This is the way a saxophone quartet should sound." Their CD: "Tango" is a must for all saxophone lovers."

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